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Otto Frank, 1967

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Film Title: Freedom Writers

From the classroom Discovering commonalities

"My students united themselves with Anne, but also to fused together as a family."

Column Anne Frank was not bullied

The difference between teasing, bullying, prejudice and discrimination.

Activity India and Anne Frank

The travelling exhibition about Anne Frank and human rights was received enthusiastically. 

Column Anne Frank & Hollywood

The most popular Anne Frank films used in the classroom with tips on how to introduce the various themes

Pupil's question The betrayal

Who betrayed Anne Frank? Nobody knows but there are suspicions.

Teaching aid The Search

An educational graphic novel on the Holocaust with lesson material.

Column Behind the photographs

Anne Frank's Amsterdam: blending the past and the present into one image

Teacher's question Holocaust education

Why teach about the Holocaust? 10 reasons for teaching about Anne Frank.

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Comments (59)

I cant even believe this why would you just blame the Jews is hitler a baby

Ely, 11 - New York - United Kingdom - 29 Sep 2014 Comment on: Why did Hitler hate Jews?

In Maldives I've met a lot of Jews as tourists visiting executive class resorts,first I had been shocked for the respect they gave me even though they very we'll knew myself as a muslim,simple employee serving them.In school all of my Islam teachers were politically motivated & personally hated Jews,citing us to hate Jews as much as we must love Prophet Muhammad & Allah as our saviours.Creating wild,criminal ideologies against Jewish people.These Imams,Sheiks or teachers r "Intelligent fools" actually knowing nothing about people like Sir Albert Einstein

Ahamed Thasleem , 39 - Male' - Maldives - 29 Sep 2014 Comment on: Why did Hitler hate Jews?

Hitler's reasoning and thoughts simply poisoned many of his followers. And his poison has left the German people to this day feeling embarrassed and hated by many. I have often wondered, Were the SS influenced by Hitler and simply followed orders or.. did they act on their own sick hatred thoughts? So many should have be made to face the responsibilities of their war crimes but didn't! Maybe the SS acted out of fear of Hitler and what he would do to them if they did not do as ordered. I just don't know. However, I Do feel that Jewish people are no different than anyone else, we are all just people with different religious beliefs!

Brian, 61 - Lindsay Ontario - Canada - 29 Sep 2014 Comment on: Why did Hitler hate Jews?

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