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Otto Frank, 1967

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Film Title: Freedom Writers

From the classroom Discovering commonalities

"My students united themselves with Anne, but also to fused together as a family."

Column Anne Frank was not bullied

The difference between teasing, bullying, prejudice and discrimination.

Activity India and Anne Frank

The travelling exhibition about Anne Frank and human rights was received enthusiastically. 

Column Anne Frank & Hollywood

The most popular Anne Frank films used in the classroom with tips on how to introduce the various themes

Pupil's question The betrayal

Who betrayed Anne Frank? Nobody knows but there are suspicions.

Teaching aid The Search

An educational graphic novel on the Holocaust with lesson material.

Column Behind the photographs

Anne Frank's Amsterdam: blending the past and the present into one image

Teacher's question Holocaust education

Why teach about the Holocaust? 10 reasons for teaching about Anne Frank.

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Comments (54)

i think hitler was evil

amy, 16 - United States - 18 Sep 2014 Comment on: Why did Hitler hate Jews?

I am not Jewish. Jewish people are wonderful. They are smart, prosperous, and many other wonderful things. I read somewhere that Hitler was also jealous of the Jews because to him they posed a threat because they were so successful. It's something else that he did not consider Jews to be people. They are 100% human and I believe he is the devil made to look like mankind. Anyone that followed him were just as sick and brainless because they could not think for themselves.

Mary Madden, 46 - Shippensburg - United States - 10 Sep 2014 Comment on: Why did Hitler hate Jews?

This was very helpful to work towards the finishing of my Social Studies Project, Thank you very much.

Quinn Klijn, 13 - Auckland - New Zealand - 9 Aug 2014 Comment on: Why did Hitler hate Jews?

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