Life in Germany 1925 - 1933

Jews face increasing danger in Germany. In March 1933, when Anne is four years old, her parents decide to emigrate to the Netherlands.


After getting married, Otto and Edith Frank settle in Frankfurt. They soon have children: Margot in 1926, and Anne in 1929. Those first few years are happy ones, but the economic crisis empowers Hitler’s NSDAP. In 1933, Hitler takes over as leader of the German government. Otto and Edith Frank are deeply worried. The persecution of the Jews and the economic crisis cause huge problems. They look for a means of escape.

Happy years Life in Germany is good at first

Otto Frank and Edith Holländer are married in Aachen on May 12, 1925...


Crisis and antisemitism Jews are made scapegoats for all of Germany’s problems

In the 1920s, Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) is a small political splinter group...


Emigration plans Germany becomes too dangerous for the Frank family

Otto and Edith Frank look for ways of leaving Germany...


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Anne writes:

Living in Germany

"My father, the most adorable father I've ever seen, didn't marry my mother until he was thirty-six and she was twenty-five. My sister Margot was born in Frankfurt am Main in Germany in 1926. I was born on June 12, 1929."

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Anne's surroundings

Otto Frank Anne and Margot's father, Edith's husband

Otto sets up a business in the Netherlands. After that, his family can come over too.


Edith Frank Anne and Margot's mother, Otto's wife

Edith has trouble settling down in the Netherlands.


Margot Frank Daughter of Otto and Edith, sister of Anne

Otto and Edith’s daughter, Anne’s sister Margot is a quiet, serious girl who enjoys studying.


Comments (127)

this is sad

taylor dicks, 13 - toledo - United States - 25 Mar 2015 Comment on: Crisis and antisemitism

This is a very interesting research. My teacher had made us do a work sheet and it really is sad on how so many people died just because of one man's selfish acts on thinking of what his image of perfect is. It had great detail! Yet its really tragic...

Konomi Kazukiri, 14 - Mexico - 6 Jan 2015 Comment on: Crisis and antisemitism

it is so sad :( I think that Anne and her family were really strong

oliwia, 10 - harrogate - United Kingdom - 6 Nov 2014 Comment on: Happy years

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