The Frank family’s life in Germany is good to start with.

Happy years

Margot and Edith Frank, 1929.
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Otto Frank and Edith Holländer are married in Aachen on May 12, 1925. After a honeymoon in Italy, they go to live in Frankfurt am Main. For the first two years they live with Otto’s mother.

Who is who?

The people in hiding and their helpers.

Main characters


On February 16, 1926, their first daughter is born: Margot Betti. About a year later, they move to 307 Marbachweg, a large house in a quiet neighborhood on the edge of the city. There are many families living in the neighborhood who have different religious beliefs: Jewish, Catholic and Protestant. Annelies Marie Frank is born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Her sister Margot is then three years old.

Margot Frank, 1926-1927

Margot goes to school

“Margot is an angel; she had a school outing today. She is thrilled…” writes Otto Frank to his mother In June 1932. This is in the same year that Margot begins school. Otto and Edith choose a progressive public school.

Margot, 1929

Jewish and German

The family Frank is Jewish and German. The Frank and Holländer families have lived in Germany for centuries. Otto Frank’s family has lived in Frankfurt am Main for generations. Edith’s family originates from Aachen, close to the Dutch border.

AFS_A_AFrank_III_055_134.jpgThose years on Marbachweg were among our best times.

Edith Frank

Happy years Life in Germany is good at first

Otto Frank and Edith Holländer are married in Aachen on May 12, 1925...

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