Otto Frank returns 1945

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After the arrest, Miep had found Anne’s diary together with Bep and kept it for all that time. Hearing of Anne’s death, she gives the diary to Otto, telling him ‘This is your daughter Anne’s legacy.’

The only one

After Auschwitz is liberated, Otto returns to Amsterdam. On his way back, he hears of Edith’s death. Back in Amsterdam, he goes to see Miep and Jan Gies. He hopes Anne and Margot might still be alive, but then discovers that they too did not survive the war. Miep gives him Anne’s diaries. Anne had wanted her diary to be published after the war, and her wish would eventually come true.

Back in Amsterdam During this trip, Otto hears that his wife has died

Otto Frank arrives back in Amsterdam on June 3, 1945. He immediately goes to Miep and Jan Gies’ home.


Searching Otto briefly clings to the hope that his daughters might still be alive

Otto Frank does everything he can to find out what has happened to his two daughters.


Otto reads Anne's diary He's greatly surprised by his daughter

Otto first mentions the diary to his mother in a letter.


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Anne writes:

Eerste uitgave van het dagboek van Anne Frank

The only one

“Just imagine how interesting it would be if I were to publish a novel about the Secret Annex. The title alone would make people think it was a detective story.”


Otto's environment

Miep Gies Jan Gies' wife

Miep is a secretary at Otto Frank’s company, Opekta


Jan Gies Miep Gies' husband

Jan provides the people in the Annex with coupons for food and clothing.


Jo Kleiman Accountant for Opekta and Pectacon

Always cheerful and upbeat, despite being plagued by stomach ulcers


Victor Kugler Opekta employee

Victor, with Jo, takes care of security and finances for the people hiding in the Annex.


Bep Voskuijl Johan Voskuijl’s daughter

Bep is a secretary for Otto's company Pectacon.


Comments (109)

I just finished reading Anne Frank's diary for the second time. First time I was 14 and this time I read it at 42. I highly recommend a second read when you're older of this beautifully written snapshot into this amazing girl's soul. Ann you are in inspiration to us all!

Cristy Campbell, 42 - cohasset - United States - 6 Apr 2015 Comment on: Otto reads Anne's diary

It is heart breaking

Harry, 54 - United States - 2 Apr 2015 Comment on: Searching

Womderful children and Anne was so strong in character that even knowing that there was litle change of survivel she kept going with bravery and courage. I've known about her since I was 13, in Brazil year 1960. How I loved her writings and her person. Every parent, independent of race, creed and nationality, shoud/must tell their children about this precious stone that was Anne, and every child must learn about Anne and must try to copy her. She was LOVE to the world.

gilvanete Lira-Silva, 67 - Los Angeles - United States - 1 Apr 2015 Comment on: Searching

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