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its nice knowing abt anne i really love to know more abt her

lasya pabbathi, 15 - ap - United Kingdom - 22 Oct 2014 Comment on: The Secrets of Anne's Room

My 13 year old daughter accompanied me on our recent visit to Amsterdam with the focal point being two visits to the Anne Frank House. My daughter has read Anne's diary, in English and Norwegian, a minimum of seven times since she was a young girl. This visit was a must-do excursion for us. Anne's story, along with its historical significance, is a life-changing event, to say the least. When entering the first room along to tour, the sparseness of its contents is quickly overwhelmed by the few words written upon its wall - the words of Anne Frank. The weight of young Anne's written words soon press upon one's soul and the echo of their historical reality can easily fill the visitor's heart and mind far beyond the realm of emotional control. Each of the diary’s excerpts written upon the House's walls must be read, every film clip observed, and every personal emotion embraced to its fullest. Having the option to purchase advanced time-specific tickets to ensure a swift entry was an added blessing. Thank you for preserving one of the most important literary works and location of authorship... and thank you for keeping this a place open to the global public.

Royce A Ratterman, 60 - Mandal - Norway - 11 Oct 2014 Comment on: Visitors

I would like to go to the museum on October 10th. Is there anything available? - AFH; for online tickets please visit this webpage: If tickets are sold out, it is always possible to buy your ticket at the entrance of the museum.

H, 20 - Reutlingen - Germany - 6 Oct 2014 Comment on: Online ticket sales