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Anne Frank Collections A special collection of original objects

Personal documents and objects belonging to the Frank family, the other people in hiding and the helpers.


Preserving originals Originals are preserved longer

The conservation of Anne Frank's room.


Movie star pictures The pictures of movie stars that Anne stuck up in her room.

Just like so many other young girls, Anne decorates her room with pictures...


Comments (30)

I read Anne Frank's diary when I was about 11 years old and she changed my life. I have never heard anyone as wise as Anne and her story has always stayed with me. I am now 55 and can't wait for my visit to the Annex which is planned for August 2014. I have waited a lifetime to visit this sacred ground.

Lori Stoddard, 55 - Wilbraham - United States - 14 Oct 2013 Comment on: Movie star pictures

I was given her book/diary at the age of 13 yrs old for coming 3rd in my class. After reading the book I realised what a lucky person I was, to never have to experience the horrendous time Anne went through.

Patricia Jones, 65 - South Wales - United Kingdom - 16 Sep 2013 Comment on: The Secrets of Anne's Room

i just cant believe sometimes that a 13 years old girl can express that much hard feeling through her pen,one thing that came from everyone's eyes after reading her life events were only tears and the sadness of the loss of her life. and after Anne oh! Anne,i wish i could read your more creations!

yudhi, 18 - new delhi - India - 11 Sep 2013 Comment on: Conservation of Anne Frank’s room

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