A Museum with a Story

Anne Frank Huis. Eerste ruimte van de museumroute. 
Anne Frank House. First room of the museum route.
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The Anne Frank House is a museum where visitors are given the opportunity to personally envision what happened on this very spot.

Otto Frank met Koningin Juliana bij draaibare boekenkast (1979)

From hiding place to museum

The history of the Anne Frank House


The Secret Annex Online

Discover Anne Frank's hiding place


The Secret Annex

The rooms of the Secret Annex have been maintained in their authentic state thanks to conscientious preservation activities. The rooms in the Secret Annex are empty, because the furniture was carted away directly after the arrest. Salvaged documents and objects belonging to the eight people in hiding are now displayed in the Secret Annex.

The canal-side of the house

The front part of the house, the place where the helpers worked and Otto Frank's former office, has been returned to the style and atmosphere of the hiding period. Thanks to this, visitors are provided with the opportunity to feel personally involved in what occurred at this location. The story is told using quotes from Anne's diary as a reference. Original objects, documents, and photographs that are on display in the exhibition serve in strengthening the personal account of the hiding period and of the deportation to the camps. Three short films place the personal story in a historical context.

Next door to the historic building

The old canal-side house at 265 Prinsengracht, next to Otto Frank's former office, has been renovated. Here, information is given about the diary and its significance. Anne Frank's original diaries and other writings are permanently on display. In the new part of the building is a temporary exhibition. Furthermore there is also a room for school groups, a bookshop and a museum café.

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Rip frank

Jayelon, 13 - Columbus - United States - 21 Nov 2014

Anne Frank has inspired me since I was a young girl. This year, age 40, I am going to pay my respects to a beautiful young woman who has given me so much hope and determination. May you alwyas be remembered Anne.

Liz Perry, 40 - London - United Kingdom - 7 Apr 2014

My family and I will visit your museum very soon. I was just 8 years old the 1st time I had a chance to read Anne's Frank diary, and since then I promised myself that I will bring my family someday.

Cherrie Cruz, 47 - Makati City - Philippines - 3 May 2013

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A Museum with a Story The story on the spot

The rooms in the Secret Annex are empty, because the furniture was carted away directly after the arrest.