Accessibility for disabled persons

Anne Frank Huis. Trap van begane grond naar tweede verdieping.
Anne Frank House. Staircase from ground floor to second floor.
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People who have difficulty walking, may have trouble climbing the steep staircases that are characteristic of the old Amsterdam canal-side houses.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Wheelchair users

Unfortunately, the old part of the Anne Frank House, which includes the Secret Annex, is not accessible to wheelchair users. The new building with the current exhibition, the museum café and the museum store is accessible to wheelchair users. You enter this part of the museum, which has an elevator and a specially adjusted restroom, through a special entrance. The employees of the museum will help you.

People with a visual impairment

For people with a visual impairment, the museum’s guidebook is available from the information desk in Braille. It is not possible to visit the museum with a guide dog.

Deaf and hearing-impaired people

For deaf and hearing-impaired people, a supplementary folder is available that allows the various film presentations to be followed better.

Het Anne Frank Huis aan de Prinsengracht. The Anne Frank House at the Prinsengracht.

Opening hours, prices and location Visit the Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House, in the center of Amsterdam

Anne Frank Huis. Bezoekers bij de draaibare boekenkast die de toegang naar het achterhuis verborg.\nAnne Frank House. Visitors at the movable bookcase that hid the entrance to the secret annex.

Online ticket sales Avoid the queue

Convenient and no queuing time

Anne Frank Huis. Museumbezoekers bekijken de introductiefilm. 
Anne Frank House. Museum visitors are watching the introduction film.

Visiting the museum with children Suggestions

Suggestions for a more pleasant visit


Family Program For parents and their children.

Intended for parents with their children (10 years and older).

Anne Frank Huis. Bezoekers in het Museumcafé.
Anne Frank House. Visitors in the Museumcafé.

Café Museum café

The museum café is at the end of the museum route.


Visiting conditions

During your visit to the museum, we request you to take into account the rules below...


Museum guide In 12 languages ​

At the museum entrance you will find free guidebooks, available in twelve languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, German,…