Anne Frank’s birthday on the theme of #allsearching campaign


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To mark the 87th anniversary of Anne Frank’s birth on 12 June 2016, the Anne Frank House - together with its international Anne Frank partners and ambassadors - is today launching the social media campaign #allsearching.

“We’re all searching for happiness, we’re all leading lives that are different and yet the same”, wrote Anne Frank on 6 July 1944. By that time she had been in hiding in the Secret Annexe for two years, and she confided her thoughts on the people around her to her diary.

Join in

What do these words of Anne Frank mean to you? Join in and post your response on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #allsearching and @annefrankhouse. A number of Anne Frank ambassadors have already made a start and posted their contributions: see The campaign will run until 13 June.

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