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A book to read and look at with many of the Frank family's photographs from the photo albums never published before.

In the chapters about the hiding period, the feeling of imprisonment can not only be felt in the text, but also in the choice of photographs.

Photographer Maria Austria's famous series from right after the war is used to depict the atmosphere of the house. 

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Photographs of the Diary

There is a comprehensive series of photographs of Anne Frank's first diary, which enables the reader to feel like he is thumbing the diary itself. 

The last months

After the betrayal and the deportation, eyewitnesses tell of Margot and Anne's last months at the concentration camp. With this, the book tells the complete story of Anne Frank. In an enclosure, you will find brief explanations of difficult terms.


I have read it in one day (...) it is an impressive book. (...) What I've learned is that we must learn to respect each other as much as possible (...)

Petra, 10/25/2004

Book Data

Anne Frank House 2004, ISBN 90-72972-83-X, 216 pages, 16x16 cm, color, 135 photographs

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